The Mehaffey family experienced the most rain we have ever seen! I am not joking, no lie, it was a constant down pour for 24 hours!!! The rain rained so hard that when we were on our way back from dinner, our wipers were wiping so fast you still couldn’t see!!!!

All in all, we weathered the storm…but it was amazing the amount of water that came down, all from Tropical Storm Bill. In our county, which was one of the hardest hit counties, received 5-6 inches of rain. A local highway was shut down due to it being under water by 2-3 feet in some areas!

The morning after the constant down pour all night we feasted on homemade blueberry-lemon cinnamon rolls, breakfast potatoes, bacon and orange juice. It was delicious and hit the spot for a big day ahead of working. 

Here’s the link to Laura in the Kitchen’s recipe for the cinnamon rolls, it’s a must try!

Try making your own homemade rolls, they will not disappoint.

So after milking, the cows & calves being fed, and breakfast we headed down to the “bottom” to go get some round bales. The kids and I definitely wanted to go because I was interested to see if the creek had any water in it from the storm, since it was bone dry before?! 

Hi Jer, thanks for opening the gate!

Hi Madison, your so cute and that use to be your brother’s jacket when he was little.

Hi Little-Boy, you are getting so BIG!

The guys and the tractor went first. Madison and I were on the gator which we had to leave right here and hop on the 4-wheeler with Bryce which has four wheel drive.

The stream that was once dry turned into a raging river!

The current was strong! When we crossed with the quad, the guys were waiting on the other side just in case the current carried us into the fence. The dogs had to swim through too, Harley-our lab jumped right in, Tuff-Jer’s work dog was a little bit more apprehensive.

Here’s a picture of the creek taken a few days before. Dry!

The wild flowers right now are so pretty, this picture is not very focused, I was snapping while driving up a slippery slope on the four-wheeler.

Here’s a picture of the pond, it is super full now!

Hi doggies, you guys aren’t use to all this rain and having to swim to cross roads.

I told Jer and the kids that we are not in Cali anymore!!!

Today is father’s day and we are heading into the big city for a fun filled day, catcha tomorrow…


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