Trust in Him

Yesterday I saw a post on instagram that really settled with me…it reminded me of a saying I heard, read, etc, that goes, “Give me your hand, and I’ll show you the world.” Trust. Trust Him and he will show you. 

Over the past several months my faith has been renewed, I always have been a believer in God, but I really tapped into my faith when Madison was sick. I know he has big plans for us…we work hard, mind our business, we’re honest people, and we truly love what we do. 


When I saw this picture it reminded me of what we had given up in Southern California when we moved out to Missouri. Our cushy, 5 year old perfect first home, coffee shops in every shopping center, FAMILY, kid’s schools! BUT we did it, we gave that all up to trust in HIM and in what we know and to create our own future. For our kids, for our family, for ourselves…this place has that!

The natural beauty the mid-west has is amazing, the amount of trees and vegetation that is watered naturally is crazy!

If you follow me on instagram then you saw this picture already, these are the gates leading from one pasture, to the lower pasture. The lower pasture is FILLED with feed for the cows that grows naturally, we can’t bale the feed up quick enough! 

You better believe I have had my Canon Rebel t5i strapped to my hip, catching all the natural beauty and cool little areas on the farm.

I told you I am back to blogging, so you better be ready for tons of posts with pictures and fun stuff I am going to share!!!

Have a Great Monday, the start to a new week,


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