I don’t mind the packing of the boxes, but the unpacking of the boxes STRESSES ME OUT!

Yesterday I pretty much unpacked all day, and stopped to help Jer water, then back to unpacking, went to the feed store, then back to unpacking… 

That’s pretty much how the next day or two is going to go because I’m determined to get this done! We had most of our clothes boxed up and in storage and have just been rotating a few outfits over and over again. Can’t I just keep wearing the same three outfits, and then wash them, and then wear the same three outfits again?!?? No one will notice…? 

The weather changes so quickly over here, yesterday said it’s suppose to rain for the next 7 days, now it’s going to rain for the next 5. Maybe tomorrow will be 3?!!

Yesterday I experienced my first mid-west thunder/rain storm, it was perfectly sunny and all of a sudden it was dark and lashing rain. Ten minutes later the sun was completely out, no more rain but, humid as ever. The humidity is a tricky thing, it may not be that hot temp. wise like we are use to back home but you always seem to be a little sweaty or sticky from the heat. My hair goes flat fast, and makeup slides off quick…dry shampoo is my new best friend! 🙂 Hi dry shampoo!

Yesterday we were back to operation water trough and Maddie helping water in her jammas. 

The water trough patching job only lasted so long until it sprang a leak. The troughs are all rusted and busted but we can still re-purpose them as bale feeders!

We went ahead and filled the water trough up with water since it had a slow leak, and headed into our local feed/ranch store to purchase a new water tank.

On the way into town this is all you see from the left to the right. If you have feed, it is sitting in the field as round bales and getting picked up and carried to your bale yard.

It’s pretty to see them all in the field, it’s like a picture in a magazine… 

So the big decision was a metal-tank or a poly-tank? They were both around the same money, one a little more than the other but, Jer felt it was necessary to go with the poly-tank, so we went with the poly-tank. 

I’ll keep you posted on the water tank situation but, operation water trough will have much better success with an uncracked tank!

Now I am going to take a shower before the kiddos wake up, my hair needs it-BAD!!! 


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