This fourth of July was a little different for two reasons. One, we are legally able to shoot fireworks and create our own little show. Two, we didn’t go to any big family get-togethers because there is no family around. BUT we had so much fun and the best 4th of July I can remember in along time! 

Ty bought some fireworks. I made macaroni salad, cut up watermelon, Jer barbecued the hot dogs and Mahalia helped get the food all together…it was a family effort and it turned out GREAT! 

Bryce was helping Uncle Ty build a little fire so we could roast mallows for smores!

Jer enjoying a nice cold Corona after a full days work, he deserves it!

Madison loved chasing her brother around while throwing those little “pop-its”, you know those things you throw down on the ground and they pop.

Nothings better than smores…

I was the assembly person, they brought me their roasted mallow and I had chocolate and graham waiting. 

I could eat a smore everyday…hhhmmmm….

Boys love this kinda thing!

You can see the pure amazement in her little face.

Bryce was thoroughly enjoying the big sparklers, but he wanted to know why he can’t set off the big fireworks…?  

The big-boys were thoroughly enjoying themselves too!!! 

Big-boys and fireworks there is an obsession!

Both sets of neighbors were setting off fireworks so we were able to watch their shows too.

It was the perfect end for our first 4th of July in Missouri, now we know how to do it up next year!!!

Have a GREAT Sunday,


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