Yesterday was Madison’s 5th birthday!!! 

I can’t believe my little baby (literally) is 5 now…where has the time gone?!? Now she will be entering kindergarten in a few short weeks, time goes by so fast. This year has been a pretty eventful year so far with Madison getting so terribly sick with h.u.s. and us moving away from all of our family and friends. I think we are all ready to get back to a normal schedule and start really settling in. This past week was one of the first weeks that I really felt like okay…we live here! It has felt semi like that for a while but, our house finally closed escrow and now we can close that chapter and really start a new.

This past weekend we were in Branson for Maddie’s birthday. We didn’t plan on that but it was a last minute sorta trip and a good break to have as a family together. 

One of the main things we did and we really didn’t know how it would go was kayaking! There was so much to look at and the river was flowing pretty well so you really only needed to steer. Next time we go down Taneycomo River Bryce will go in his own little boat.

Bryce wanted to go with his Dad and Maddie wanted to be with Mommy.

And yes…I was the one out there with a selfie stick taking family-selfies!

It was kinda neat to see the bottom of the river and see fish swimming by and at the same time kinda freaky seeing a huge fish swimming by…

While Maddie was in the boat she looked at all the beautiful houses on the sides of the river, watched other boats go by, ate snacks, looked at all the geese on the shores and ate more snacks!

This picture doesn’t do the geese justice because I only had my camera phone but they were so pretty!

This is one of my favorite pictures I snapped yesterday because Bryce was helping the other boys that were in the group come up the launch ramp.

He’s such a good helper boy!

We had a lot of fun in the sun and made some good family memories while in Branson. I know we will be doing a lot more kayaking, it was a blast and I recommend for you all to try it out!

Off to put some beans in the Crockpot!

Talk to yah soon,


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