Lately I have been letting the kids be kids, get dirty, play outside together, make a mess…basically letting the kids be little!

I know back at home, I may have halted a few of these activities all going on at once, but what fun is that. When I feel my control freak tendencies wanting to take over and put the halt on some of their play, I have to remind myself to let them be KIDS. Let them express themselves, make a mess, get their clothes stained up…whatever! 

Take a line from Frozen and “Let it Go………”!!!

It’s only clothes! (Not their school clothes though! 😉

I am not sure if any of you watch Mountain Man on the History channel but, the new season just started and it’s so good! Their is a new character on this season and he is backpacking his way to the Denali mountain range in Alaska, it will take him over 20 days to get there but he’s pretty amazing how he survives on everything he has in his backpack.

Bryce has really been into this season and he created his own “survival-pack” to play outside with, although it consists of mostly weapons, he is enjoying it.

The army jumpsuit he is wearing was actually my brother’s when he was A LOT younger, but Bryce loves to wear it!

He has an abundance of amo., guns, a battle ax, sleeping bag, compass and water…that’s all you need when you’re 8!

Madison on the other hand has been into playing water in the laundry/mudroom sink. She may or may not of overflowed it one time…?

She likes to play “carwash” or she tells me her toys need “a bath”.  It’s cute, it keeps her busy and she usually ends up soaking wet…which then means she needs a third change of clothes for the day!!! lol

Giving Dottie (from Planes, Fire Rescue) a bath! 🛁 Anything to keep my sensory seeking child busy while I do laundry, clean the kitchen and cook dinner! 👧 Laundry room/mud room sink play. #letthembelittle #sensoryplay #sensoryseeking #specialneeds #momlife #4yearsold #mehaffeymoments

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So for this week and the future I am working on letting them be kids, letting them be little, although Momma still wants them to help her out with picking any messes up, my control freak-ness needs to stay calm! haha

Have a Great fourth of July weekend!!!


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