Earlier in the week Jer, Ty and Bryce planted one of the pastures with Sorghum-Sudan grass. This pasture/field doesn’t grow to well either because it was farmed too heavy or grazed off too hard prior to us being here. The sorghum-sudan grass is a great option to getting a field back planted and yielding some good feed for our cows with little out of pocket costs.

First Ty had to disc this pasture quite a few times and while he was doing this, Jer was spreading manure for fertilizer for the crop; adding nutrients back into the soil. The following day Ty went to pick up the seeder we rented to plant this field and Jer disked the field one more time while he was gone. 

What’s cool about this picture is:

1. Jer and Bryce creating this memory together.

2. Being a family and working toward the same goal.

3. “Team work makes the dream work”

4. Bryce has these exact same tractors but in a small toy scale, now he’s using one in real life.

p.s. I know that’s probably not the safest but Jer wouldn’t let him do this if he didn’t think it was safe 😉

It wouldn’t be Missouri if a storm wasn’t blowing in right when you start a project…

All of a sudden the sky got dark, the wind started blowing and you could literally see the clouds running across the sky and hearing the thunder above…crazy!

But it didn’t stop them…yet…

Soon after this picture was taken it started to rain. That was Madison and I’s cue to go back to the house and get out of the rain. 

The storm system that came through brought just the right amount of rain to settle the seed in the soil and give it just the right amount of watering. 

It’s crazy how life and storms work out…


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