Missouri has been having a ton or rain storms, and they have brought A LOT of water with them! On the 3rd day of the storm (last day), our “ranch-hand” John shored up the fence that stretches across the river. Well on the last night of the storm we had 4½ inches of rain drop over night!!! 

That’s quite a bit of water in a short amount of time…  

So the next day after morning chores we went to go check on the water level in the creek and quickly realized there was NO FENCE!!!

The water, rocks and fell tree branches bent the t-post, panels, and barbed wire like a toothpick! About a 100 feet worth of fencing gone! Luckily all the cows that were down in that pasture were on the whole other side and we weren’t missing any.

Madison and Bryce love going down to check the creek when it has water in it.

They take turns skipping rocks…

or finding sticks to throw in!

It’s so pretty when there is water going down the creek and how the light shines through the trees, I could stay down there all day…

We walked the creek to make sure we didn’t see any cow tracks of any sorts, Madison loved it and was soaked by the end of the excursion; and you know Bryce was too.

This would be the perfect spot for a picnic table…?

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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