I know I’m always talking about rain on here lately but today I want to talk about a “splash-pool” you can enjoy when it’s a nice warm summer day…although we haven’t been able to in a while do the rain…

Ok, no more rain talk!

This pool we purchased for the kids is by Intex, it comes with a pump to help keep the water clean and filtered and comes in right under $100.00 dollars. I purchased separately a cover and ladder for the little pool. 

Back in CA both my parents and in laws had pools, so the kiddos went swimming at their houses. Now we put up this temporary pool that will be taken down at the end of summer, the kids love it and it helps keep them busy and get rid of some of that cooped up energy!

I can’t get over what a good investment it was and how good of quality for the price!

We also went to the Dollar Store and bought some pool toys so if they get ruined and we throw away, we don’t have a lot of money out.

I totally recommend this pool to any parent looking for a cute temporary little pool to go in the backyard for the kids!

Have a Great Friday!

p.s. My mom’s in town so we are excited to spend some time with her… 🙂


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