The weather here in Missouri has been crazy!

Every week we’ve had rain since we arrived in early June. The June rain totals were in for south-west Missouri and we had 15 inches, in just June!!! If we were still in California with that much rain no one would know what to do, haha! 

On Monday it was supposed to rain all day, but we had some wind in the air Sunday afternoon which pushed the storm off a half day. So since it was clear for majority of the day the kids, Jer and I worked some dry cows that needed vaccination and worming. Ty was hauling and staking hay while it was dry out. 

When it is just the Mehaffey’s, I usually work the shoot and Jer runs the alley and gates etc.

Bryce usually helps spray the cows for flies, I draw the vaccine & administer and Jer drenches the wormer and preg checks if we need to. We work well as a team!

I always tell Bryce, “Team work makes the dream work…”, he hates when I say that but, it will be one of those things that he remembers when he gets older. My mom always says, team work makes the dream work, blah…blah…blah, lol!

Jer and his trusty companion “Tuff” do a good job together; recently he had to keep a bull of Jer that was charging at him and he did great protecting his master. He is a loyal dog! 

Sidenote- That bull went out to pasture for a little while to cool off and get out of the milk cow pens, he’s having a “cooling off period”.

Madison stays busy by sitting on the gator, watching Youtube videos on my phone, talking to the dogs, snacking and having a big beverage to keep cool. She requires a lot of specials to keep still…I would too at her age!


One of her favorite things is bothering her Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-excuse the amount of exclamation marks but they’re there for emphasis  🙂  

Seriously…they can’t live with each other and can’t live without each other! 

They really do love each other so much and have a great brother-sister bond, but oh my gosh can they not stop bothering each other!!!

And that’s a wrap…we worked our dry cows, pulled a few close-ups, sorted a bull out of the dry string to replace the bull that needed a timeout and we were golden!

All in a days work right, actually it was probably only an hour of our day, then Jer went on to his other chores and I went on to bathing the kids. Oh did they need those showers, they were covered in fly/bug spray and sweaty…

All for now from rainy-country,


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