I never, never, never regret bringing my big-girl camera with me! I need to carry it with me more often, because then I capture beautiful Mehaffey Moments like this…

Hi Maddy!

Brycee-Boy leading us down to the bottom to find the guys.

Thanks for opening the gate Bryce!

Then we ran into Jer on his way up.

Which then he hopped on with Bryce to show us a bale being wrapped!

Hi Bryce!

There’s Ty and Mahalia finishing up the last of the round-bale-baling, I promise that makes sense.


There’s the wrapper!

The purpose of the wrapper is to wrap a bale that has been freshly baled, so it still has a relatively high moisture content, and eventually the bale with turn into baleage or also known as round bale silage. 

1. The arm picks up the bale.

2. It spins and rotates it at the same time while it’s being wrapped.

3. You run out of plastic, replace with a new bolt of plastic, finish the spinning, then it drops off the back.

Here’s a video I took yesterday for you to see the process in action!

Wrapping Bales today before the rain comes. Nice and neat little packages! #baleage

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The guys got it done just in time before the storm hit today, good job boys!!!


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