The kids started back at school August 13th and so far so good. Bryce is doing great with his new 3rd grade teacher and is making a lot of new friends. I wasn’t worried about him for one bit making friends, he is so outgoing and could talk about anything the kids are into these days, lets just say he is pretty well rounded for a third grader. (Fun Fact: My Mom goal is always to raise well rounded children.)

Fall is upon us already here in the mid-west, the mornings are cool but the days are warm. I only bought Bryce a few summer back to school outfit for that specific reason. On top of fall/winter being right around the corner he had a pretty big growth spurt this summer too. 

Below I filmed a video haul showing you the outfits I purchased, where to buy and what sizes I picked up.

Bryce had fun taking some pictures for me so you can see what the outfits looked like on!

This one is the Under Armour outfit and we picked this up at Academy Sports.

He’s so cute!

All the Shaun White clothing was purchased at Target.

I love the little shirt details Shaun White does for Boys, very affordable especially when they grow out of clothes so quickly!

Those are the summer outfits/Early fall clothes he has and a few items I purchased earlier in summer to make our way into fall/winter.

I hope you enjoyed and I didn’t link the clothes because majority will be going on clearance since we are at the end of summer and won’t be able to be purchased online.

Have a Great Day and I will catch you later!


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