Today my Brycee-Boy turns 9 years old!!!

I know people say it feels like just yesterday he was 4 years old, BUT really-truly-honestly it does feel like he was in preschool and I was picking him up after nap time. 

He was always the sweetest-boy. (Still is) 

He was always so hard working and loved spending time with his Dad learning new things. (Still does)

He always loved to ride in little wagons around the dairy being towed by the gator. (Still does)

He has always been my little trooper. (Still is)

He can fall asleep anywhere as long as he’s still near the action. (Always)

His smile, cute face, and pretty eyes always makes it hard for me to say no to.

I wish he could stay little and sit on our laps in the tractor for ever…

Now he is a big guy whom I couldn’t be more proud of. 

He is smart, caring, loving, has a huge heart, he’s my gentle giant and I can’t wait to see what this 9 year old year will be like for him.

Happy Birthday Bryce!


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