If you haven’t read my last post yet on the guys demoing the cement and getting the loafing barn ready to be restored to its original self then here’s the link to the previous post. Click Here!

Some major changes have happened since you’ve last seen. After they cut and jack hammered all the cement away, they hauled off all the debris and started to frame and dig post holes. I don’t have as many pics from the post hole digging for some reason…oh I know, Bryce had a friend over and I was keeping watch.

Sidenote-Picture quality is not as good due to me snapping willy-nilly with a little point and shoot cam. 

After all the posts were placed in the ground and the dirt was tamped, they started placing the cross boards and framing.

This was a big project to under take for them, but the end result is beautiful-I promise. Jer and Ty work good together as a team. When those two are working together, there isn’t one thing they can’t accomplish.

With building and framing the structure they wanted to make sure everything was right, level and it will withstand a good chunk of time. 

Jer, Ty and I are in the mindset of, “you either do it right or don’t do it at all”!

When they had to cut the tops of the posts off with the chainsaw it was too loud for Misses Maddie, she needed her “telephones”.


Pouring Day!

Cement truck showed up at 8:30 ready to handle the business! 

Photo Cred goes to Jer on all the “pouring-day” pics. Thanks Jer!

As you can tell, they filled the skid steer bucket with the cement.

Then the skid steer poured the cement in the open trench.

Then came all the smoothing of the cement.

Boy did that skid steer help their job go a lot faster…can you imagine if you had to wheel barrow all that?!?

Our neighbor David, his son-in-law Kody, Ty and Jer were smoothing out the last section.

They sure did make this look very nice and I know it will last the test of time. 

We are all really proud of the guys and thankful for good neighbors who lend a hand and don’t expect anything in return. Our neighbor David is a God-send for the boys and a wealth of knowledge for them, we can’t say enough good things about him. 

Stay tuned for the loop stalls going in…


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