I’m back, recharged and ready to go! 

I took a few weeks off to have a break from everything and to set some new goals. Also to contemplate if I really wanted to continue down the road of blogging or even making videos. 


On my break I spent some quality time with the kids, watched them swim, enjoyed our summer together before school started and did some much needed thinking about what makes me Happy and what I want to be doing with my time now that they are both in school.

I filmed a little video below to catch you up on what happened to play into me taking a break.

p.s. Sorry for the wind noise… 😉

I’m super excited on what’s to come on my blog and future posts. Right now we are making changes and I can’t wait to see how it looks…!?!

Thank you all for sticking by me AND for your support it means a lot! 

Here are some picture I snapped while away…

The kids and I visited our new (new to us) local zoo. It was so much fun and I would not be surprised in the slightest if Madison grew up to work at a zoo…she is such an animal lover!

The giraffe kept trying to lick her!

One of my happy places is going down to the bottom pasture to feed the dry cows with the kids and Jer, or the kids and I…or just Jer and I.

One of my main motivators is a guy that I follow on instagram and his name is @before5am and he is a great motivator when it comes to planning, getting up early, seizing the day, planning the night before, entrepreneurship…etc.

This is exactly what I was doing planning, and setting goals with Maddy right next to me.

Fun Fact: I love a sunset…but I LOVE a sunrise even more!

My kiddos started school yesterday and that was a HUGE milestone for the Mehaffey’s. 

Bryce started 3rd grade and Madison started Kindergarten!

Where does the time go…

Stay tuned for more Mehaffey Moments!


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