Last week and this week the guys have & will be working extra hard to reconstruct the loafing barn back to it’s original glory. The previous occupant took out all the loafing stalls, sawed off all the posts, so it was a big cement slab to be able to fill the loafing barn over capacity. Which totally defeats the purpose of a loafing barn but you never know about people these days…

Jer, Ty, our neighbor David (whom we bought the farm from) and our ranch-hand John are helping us restore the loafing barn. David is teaching the guys how to-do it because he was the original one who built this barn! 

First Jer had to come through and use a cement saw to cut a line where they needed to break away all cement.

Then John came through behind Jer with the jack-hammer to break away all the cement he just cut. 

Then Ty and David came through throwing the chunks of cement into the bucket of the skid-steer and hauling the excess away.

Jer and Ty already completed one side on their own, the middle is a whole separate project in of itself.

The idea is each individual cow has it’s own place to lay. It also helps to keep them clean because their butts hang near the end of the cement so if they go #2 it will go where the tractor scrapes everything away…get it, without going into too much detail…;)

We are also trying to get it done before late fall and winter arrives, this will help keep them warm and dry from the frigid mid-western cold!  

The jack-hammer is loud but boy does it make things run A LOT faster!

We do 99.2 percent of the work ourselves around here so we can save money, LEARN and you have a better sense of pride and ownership when you do it yourself.

This is where it became comical to me…

The guys came to this area in the cement where it wouldn’t budge!!!

Jer was trying to get it to go, and all the guys were putting in their two-sense on how to make the chunk of cement break.

Then Ty took a crack at it from the sides…no such luck.

Then John said here let me see it…

He thought he knew the way too…it sure did stump them all!

It finally did start to chunk off bit by bit, but boy was it funny.

And the boss on duty was falling asleep by the constant ringing of the jack-hammer and watching his master do all that work… it sure tired Tuff out.

To be continued on the construction front…


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