This past weekend was very exciting because my Mom, Tia, Sister and my Niece Holly came to visit us here in Missouri! This was my Sister’s first time visiting MO. and we couldn’t wait to see them all and show them around where we live now.

Bryce had a friend over from school on Saturday and they had a blast playing Nerf guns, riding bikes, sneaking on his Dad etc…

I was so happy to hear he made a new friend because he was pretty sad about leaving his friends from his old school and having to make new friends. I knew he wouldn’t have a problem making friends though, he is very outgoing and has a great personality. 

The guys continued working on framing and reconstructing the loafing barn to place all the old (new to us) loop-stalls back in where they use to be. We can’t wait to see the end result, with all the cows laying in there, I will be sharing on the blog all the progress as it goes.

If you want to see us up close and personal watch our weekend blog above! 🙂

Friday evening I went outside for an evening walk, Tuff followed me of course, during sunset and it was so pretty and peaceful out…sometimes you have to have some alone time. 

This was my scenery in front of me…I will never get tired of seeing this.

Another thing I will never get tired of seeing is my Niece Holly and happy she makes all of us. I love her little face, her chubby little feet and everything about her…she makes me H-A-P-P-Y and I have so much love for her. (As I am typing this I can hear her crying in the background with everyone and it’s taking me everything not to go and pick her up right now…)

Ok, I want to go hold her…watch the video above and you will see what I mean!

Have a great day and hope you enjoy 🙂


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