This past week for us was FULL!

During the week we celebrated Bryce’s 9th birthday, we had family in from California and we had more family come in from California over the weekend. So to say the least the house felt like Grand Central Station on Saturday. Everybody was here on Saturday and everybody was gone on Saturday too. 

Come Sunday it was soooooo quiet, it was kinda nice to get back on track with everything but at the same time we all missed the noise and now…back to household chores and duties with out help, wah-wah! 

It was hard for Madison to realize it wasn’t her birthday, only Bryce’s, but she did pretty good letting her brother have his time now. 

My in-laws sent him money for his birthday and it was burning a hole in his pocket like you wouldn’t believe!

As you can see in the picture, he bought a really cool remote control car and Misses Holly B couldn’t understand why kids all don’t ride around like this…

Where are her parents!?!? haha

Sunday we ventured to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield so Jer could spend his birthday giftcards. If you care to see more of that, watch the video above!!!

And Secondly we all miss Misses B.

She lights up everyone’s lives and was such a joy to have around.

I loved seeing her little face eating yogurt…so cute!

We are trying to convince them to move out here but, I don’t think I am having any luck. 

And Thirdly…

I took the swimming pool down for the summer. We are already starting to slowly turn fall around here, the nights are getting cool, the kids are back in school and it was time for it to go.

Until next summer pool…I saved the pump, ladder, chlorine dispenser, hoses etc., but the liner I threw away. 

For today, I am trying to get back on track and accomplish a whole bunch of fun, interesting things and make this week a successful week.

Talk to ya soon,


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