This past weekend was the FIRST weekend I vlogged since moving. It’s actually the first time I have vlogged in a LONG, LONG time and it made me super Excited and Happy to share my little family with you all!

We are a goofy bunch, but I love to share what my family is up to, so our family back home, can see what we do and how the kids have grown.


Saturday and Sunday we mostly did things around the house and worked on the farm. This was the first weekend where the kids had to go back to school on Monday. Bryce was helping his Dad, Madison was helping me and then we came together to “work” our dry cows.

The flies here in Missouri are no joke…!!!

We gather our dry cows up every-so-often to spray them for bugs and to do herd health assessments.

There’s Little-Boy, our angus bull we raised since he was a little baby boy. His dad was named Big-Boy, so fittingly we called him Little-Boy!

We made our way up to the pond to feed the catfish and the cows wanted to follow, take a little swim and quench their thirst.

Madison LOVES to feed the fish!!!

Brycee likes to keep a look out for the fish coming-up and snagging a bite to eat.

After that, we waited for Ty and John (occasional ranch-hand) to help us drive the herd up to the “working-area” so Jer could spray them for flies and we also sorted off some close-ups. (Cows that are close to calving)

It made me feel better knowing those pesky flies wouldn’t be bothering them anymore!

The day before, Ty got stung by a hornet on his eyebrow and the next morning his eye was swollen shut…it was the funniest thing, after we realized he was all right of course… 🙂

Maddie and I on top of the world…or a round bale. Same thing.

Then it was Brycee’s turn.

Next was Ty’s…I think he over shot the landing thou!!! Ha Ha! 🙂

We ALL had a great and productive weekend enjoying the Missouri weather and I hope you ALL enjoyed spending it with us too.

p.s. Sorry for this post being up a week late…major internet probs! 🙂

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