Hi everyone!

Today I am launching something near and dear to my heart, a new series on advocating.

Advocating to me has been something I have been practicing for the past five years since my daughter was born a micro-preemie (24 weeks, 1lb. 4ounces). I say practicing because you are always learning, changing and what you are advocating for when they are 2, will look totally different when they are 4 or 5 etc.  It is a practice, BUT you will learn that there are similarities that follow throughout. 

In this video series I am going to share with you who taught me about advocating for your preemie or special needs child etc. 

I will also be talking to you about how I advocate, why I advocate and I am going be building from there.

What and who gives me the right to talk to YOU about advocating when I am not a professional?!

That little girl above. She gives me the right to share with you all how I have made it this far!

Her and I have made it along way together and I want to help you do the same!

With in this series I talk to you about who my #1 influence was on my advocating journey, she molded and changed my life forever and I will never forget her, and will always be thankful for her guidance.

I have been through countless hospital stays, assessments, I.E.Ps, meltdowns, doctors visits and the list goes on!

My goal as an advocating mother is to help other parents out there and give them the confidence or the tools needed to advocate for their child.


* Currently my daughter just started kindergarten this year and she is in a “main-stream” class but gets pulled out for her services: special ed class, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Our special ed teacher has shared with me numerous times how she wishes there were more parents out there advocating like I do. I would be lying if I didn’t say that put a huge smile on my face or made me feel special.

Hands down I don’t advocate to be recognized or for my efforts to be noticed or commented on. 

I ADVOCATE to make sure my daughter is getting the proper help so she can be the best she can be in whatever capacity that may be.  

I do it for her happiness.

As always if you care to share leave a comment below!

-If there is something you would like for me to share or talk about I would be glad to address it.


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