Bryce experienced his first Mighty-Mites game and he loved it!

Officially they won, but the league doesn’t keep track because there is no playoff series. Bryce’s team, the “Raiders” had one more touch down than the other team, go team!

Last year he played for a league called Junior All-American, it was waaaaaaayyy more expensive, waaaaaayyy more “clicky” and he has learned so much in the last two weeks here. Some of it has to do with maturity, knowing what to do etc., but he is doing awesome!

He comes to the sidelines so happy and excited raising his arms up with joy because he assisted in a tackle.   

His team is made up of 3rd and 4th graders majority of the starting line-up is 4th graders because of experience etc., but Bryce holds his own up there and it helps he’s the same size as most of his team. 

I should probably share he’s #39, and the back of his jersey reads “Trucker”, the kids wanted nick-names and that it what he picked 😉

Jer has been so proud of Brycee-Boy this season, (he’s always proud, I should say) when he runs to him and says, “Dad did you see me make that tackle!?” 

Or he runs and say, ” Dude, I love playing defense and tackling!”

Maddy was proud of Brycee too!

Meanwhile during the game, Little Miss Maddy had to go potty and we always travel with the little travel potty in the back of the car for her because you never know about bathrooms these days. Well the car was about 1/2 mile away, from the car to parking lot and while we were there handling the business I missed Bryce’s tackle…

I asked Jer if he took a picture for me and he said he forgot…now you know why I am never in any pictures always behind the cam!

AND I also forgot the change the setting on my camera to more action-shots…yay me!

Next time I will try and have better action shots, haha:)

This week has been such a busy week with school: spelling words-vocab-math, football practice, getting caught up on house work, blogging (or my lack of presence here) next week I need to prepare and prioritize more! 

Ready for the weekend!

Catch you all soon-  


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