This past Sunday the kids and I shredded a whole pasture that was mixed with feed and mostly weeds to get ready for the impending winter. Shredding is basically like mowing your weeds or grass. You want to get it down low while the growing process is slowing down, so in the Spring when the snow melts everything is short and nice for next year.

Bryce started out with Madison and I in the tractor but when his Dad came down to check on us, he jumped ship and went with his Dad!

So then it was just Madison and Mommy getting the tractor work done.

Inside the cab of the tractor there is this little “jump-seat” Madison likes to sit on. What’s nice is it has a seat belt so I can buckle her down and keep her in one spot, otherwise she would be all over the place.

All the Mehaffey’s were representing Notre Dame on Saturday for college game day and we won too!

Here is the implement I was using to shred, it’s called a discbine, not usually used for shredding weeds but it got the job done!

Here’s the field all done after mowing, nice and even. I love measurable progress… 🙂

Side note- When you are on your way down to the bottom pasture, you have to go through a gate that is placed right under a bunch of trees and during the morning or daytime the light filters through the trees so magically.

It’s like you can block out the whole world down there.

This is my Happy Place!

Talk to yah soon,


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