This year was our first year ever planting Sorghum-Sudan in general and our first true cover-crop here in Missouri. We had one field/pasture off to the side that wasn’t really growing too well. The grass was sparse, many big dirt and rock patches, it was just not giving us anything. You couldn’t pasture cattle on it because it was either over grazed from previous owners or the soil was just worn out.

So between Ty and Jarret they disked the field way more than you usually would, to really disrupt the soil and get the dirt turning. This crop is known for growing fast, renovating over farmed fields, smothering weeds, and killing certain Nematode species (round worms & eggs in soil), especially if your field is over-ran with them…I don’t think that was our problem, but it all helps. The seed cost is inexpensive for the amount of field you yield. After harvesting we baled it and wrapped them in plastic to make baleage (silage in the form of a bale). 

This picture was taken on July 13th, while they were planting the field and right before a storm blew in.

This picture was taken in the end of July.

This picture was taken during harvest, end of August.

As you can see it is a pretty fast growing crop!

Here Jarret and Ty were checking the knives to make sure everything was going ok.

These boys love doing farming related things because it breaks up the day from just milking cows.

Below is a quick video I filmed during harvest.

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