This past Sunday Jarret had the day off and we went to the “big-city”! haha

At first we were going to try and visit the zoo, Jer hasn’t been there yet, but the forecast showed rain. It never did actually rain though!?! So instead of the zoo we ran errands together as a fam-bam.

The kids were on a kick about buying school lunch for a while, now Bryce wants to go back to packing and Madison wants to do whatever Brother does.  

I like to buy the kid’s school lunch snacks from Target, they have a good selection. The “meat & potatoes” portion of the lunch packing I get from Sam’s Club.  

We love Sam’s Club, they have everything you need and in So Cal everyone loves Costco! But I will tell you, the Midwest is Sam’s Country, you never hear anything about their competitor around here.

I took the last few weekends off of vlogging because I don’t know why, the weekends came and went, and I don’t know BUT I did bring you around with us on Sunday. I am also happy to announce I have a new camera-girl…Madison, she loves helping Mommy out and she does a pretty good job too!

Side note- You may not be noticing a lot of post from me lately but I have been a busy lady behind the scenes…! 🙂

Watch the video, I know you will love seeing the kids and Madison being my camera lady!

Talk to yah soon,



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