As of last week we are right in the thick of school schedules, homework and fall football. Bryce and Madison are both enjoying their classes and they both like their teachers which makes things a lot easier. Bryce’s teacher doesn’t mess around though, she wants those kids to be learning & responsible, so most of the time when we come home from school we get whatever homework he has done so he can enjoy the rest of the day or we go to practice. Madison gets homework on Fridays if she doesn’t finish her worksheets during the week, but she does a really good job when I sit down and help her focus.

Lately I have been reading about blogging and different styles or takes if you will on how to blog etc. This blog I have been reading lately is from Jeni at The Blog Maven, she talks about blogging smarter-not-harder and asking or finding out what your readers want from you, what do they enjoy reading about, so you can give your audience what they want AND what do you have or want to share!


With my busy mommy schedule, chores, blogging and house work, I can keep myself busy all day everyday either inside or outside; there is constantly something I can be doing. I have to remind myself when the kids are home from school or on the weekend I need to stop and spend as much time with them as possible because it is only us out here, they need their Mommy and I want to build memories and spend quality time with them because the time is going by too fast!


A few weekends ago I took the time to sit by the kids while they were playing outside and just observe them. Bryce has a GREAT imagination and Madison loves animals or insects of all kind, with all her heart. Which quite frankly I can do without the insect part but…

First she found this little “moth-thing” and carried it around on a stick, observing it, talking to it and feeding it. 

Then she placed it on her toy and was making it walk back onto her stick.

Madison was so focused and determined to get that little bug to eat and listen to her…

She has the biggest heart for animals!

Bryce has always loved playing with his little characters or tractors and has such a HUGE imagination for creating and inventing things to play with.

When I was sitting by him, he was playing with this “character” and was acting like he was coming out of the sea to get people? HaHa…I love my Brycee!

I loved watching his little chubby hand and still amazed at how big he’s gotten because last year his was like four and my little baby…

I am definitely in denial about him getting older, turning 9 years old and girls starting to like him. 

Can’t he just play with his little tractors and characters all day…?


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