This past week was a big milestone week for us, we expanded the barn! Yay…now we have 3 extra machines on each end, 6 more cows can fit in the barn!!! This may seem minor to others but for us it was HUGE! The boys were so excited, this will get them out of the barn faster to work on other things and it will intern get the cows out of the barn quicker too!

What makes majority of our projects even more satisfying is we do the work ourselves. We could easily hire someone to weld the medal posts, drill the posts into the cement and rig it all up, but we can do it ourselves which saves moo-lah, (haha, no pun intended) and gives you that sense of pride, that your hard work is paying off! 

To be completely transparent the company we bought the milking machines from wired the machines into the line to make sure they work.  

The one we owe our base knowledge of “trades” to is my Dad. He has always taught my brother, my sister and I how to do things. My Dad always had us involved as kids in what he was doing and it built a great foundation for us to all stand on. 

My Dad has also taught Jer so much about dairying and how to be a good mechanic! 

Ty is a great welder and he welded all the metal into the barn!

Jer, Ty and our neighbor David worked on this in between milkings for two days straight!

And without further adieu…I give you three extra machines on each end…YAY!

This completes our second big renovation on the property and if you’d like to see posts from our first renovation to the loafing barn the links are below!

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Talk to yah soon,


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