Happy Columbus Day everyone!!!

The kids are home from school today and I’m getting ready to go to my workout boot-camp class. This boot-camp class is just what the doctor ordered, I love every part of it and I have a girlfriend to hold me accountable!

Since the kids have no school Monday, a half-day on Thursday and no school Friday…you can say this is probably their favorite school week so far, lol. Although they have a ½ day on Thursday, I have 2 parent teacher conferences to go to (yay me!), Bryce has a double-header, 2 football games that night, so I’m glad it worked out that way…oh and I just remembered we have to bring snacks and drinks to that game!

Saturday and Sunday was pretty productive and fun, although we work all the time, we know how to add some fun in their too! In the pictures below the Mehaffey fam went down to the bottom pasture to feed dry cows and after feeding decided to take a little nature walk on the trails the cows naturally created by walking to the pond for water.

The trees all around the pond are so mature, so beautiful and their leaves are starting to turn colors. I feel like a giddy little kids around here because this is my first official f-a-l-l and all the trees are turning colors and there’s an autumn breeze in the air. 

Here is one of the trails we were exploring, the cows created this on their own. It’s their “route” they take when they are coming from the upper pasture down to the pond.

Jer, Madison and the dogs were on the other side of the pond starting on a trail over there. I hung back a little to take picture of the kids of course. 

If you know anything about my kids, you know they always have to bring something with them: books, snacks, toys, electronic devices, stuffed animals etc., always! Madison brought a book and Bryce brought a remote control truck, but the truck ran out of battery so he had to improvise. He picked up a stick and wedged it in between the front bumper and then he was able to pull it behind him. That boy is always thinking!

Here was a little peak into our 20 minutes exploring around the pond.

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Talk to yah soon,


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