Time sure flies by doesn’t it…?

And ironically I’m sharing with you a “Plan With Me” video and pics on how I set up my Erin Condren Life Planner for the week. 

Planning for me is essential, writing a list is essential, I have so many things happening in a short amount of time I have to plan or I won’t accomplish anything!

My main goal during the week is to get all my chores, dinners, blogging or videoing done while the kiddos are in school; so when they come home I am available to help with homework or take them to practices etc.

Can I say I have totally jumped on the band wagon of “embellishing” my planner for the week with stickers I purchase from Etsy. They’re relatively inexpensive and you can theme your week to the holidays going on in the month or the current season. 

Some of my favorite shops on Etsy are Planner Girls, Sticky Essentials and Planner Press…love, love, love!

On the bottom section of my planner, I try and meal plan as much as possible to take the last minute guess work out of what I am going to cook that night. Since we live in a small town with little to no places to eat out, we eat at home A LOT! Which is fine with me because I love to cook!

 I use the top sections of my planner kind of like a to-do list / blog-video planning.

The weekends I leave open as much as possible not knowing what I might have planned with the kiddos. I try and not plan too many chores on the weekend besides laundry etc.

Planning to me is a life saver and if you’d like to see how I set this planner spread up watch my video below!

Another fun way I like to embellish my spread is to add fun little pictures taken throughout the day. I print them out on my Polaroid Zip printer, peel off the back paper and stick them directly where I want them.

If you’d like to see more about the Polaroid Zip I made a video on that too!

Thanks for stoppin bye,


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