During the week the kids and I are so busy with school, homework, running here, running there, sometimes we don’t stop to see the beauty that surrounds us. So when Saturday or Sunday rolls around we always get on the quads and go for a little nature ride. 

It’s nice to get fresh air in your face, sun on your skin and slowly take in all the fall colors. From one weekend to the next the colors are changing so much, especially now since we are dipping into cooler temps.

First we started off in one pasture, riding around the perimeter looking at all the trees and cows. 

Of course we have our band of buddies following us where ever we go. In this pasture we were riding and the dogs scared up a whole flock of turkeys out of the brush and up into the trees.

Then we started our decent down to the bottom pasture and eventually making our way to the top.

The colors amaze me, it is literally fall colors right out of a swatch book. Burgundy, maroon, yellows, orange, burnt orange, greens…so pretty. 

Our bull “Little-Boy” was actually having trouble with his front left foot which was causing him to limp and be sore on the front left.

I wanted to check on him and bring him down to where all the other cows were. He made himself comfy by the pond and we slowly brought him down and eventually brought the whole heard up for sorting closeups and doctoring him up.

Can you see through the trees where the red barn is? That’s the horse barn, where the barn and house is. 

The kids and I are on the farthest, top pasture from the dairy, our dry cows have free roam over this area.

Here came the reinforcements to help us bring up the heard. 

Madison jumped ship and decided to ride with her Dad and Uncle Ty. 

Here was the after shot of Little Boy’s pedicure. He needed a little trimmed off of his outer left toenail and a wart scrapped and treated. 

We pushed the rest of the heard back down to the bottom, minus the few closeups and little boy stayed up here so we could keep and eye on him and treat him again in another few days. I like to say his on disability living the high-life! haha

All in a days ride…



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