Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall

We are halfway through October and I am loving my new casserole style Crock-Pot! I bought it at Sam’s Club for $40. At first, I put it in my cart and kept pushing around the store getting everything else I needed, contemplating the purchase and well…you know what happened next!

I am so glad I went through with it because it is one of my favorite things this month. I’ve been using my Crock-Pot just about every day, it has been a huge time and life-saver!

October is the official-unofficial start of the Crock-Pot season.

casserole style slow cooker

In the past, I was never really a Crock-Pot person, but now I know why everyone loves them! I come home from dropping the kiddos off at school, get the Crock-Pot ready with whatever meat I am cooking (usually chicken), do a quick clean up of the kitchen and get my day started with blogging, videoing, working on the farm, etc.

I really recommend this style for busy Mommas like myself!

My favorite recipe from this week I discovered is the “Ranch Chicken Taco” recipe and it’s so darn delicious. If you make a big batch of this chicken you can use it for tacos, nachos, add it to soup, enchiladas or use the chicken for a taco salad!

The full recipe for Ranch Chicken Tacos is Here!

Here are a few Slow Cooker Meals I ‘ve made in the past, Click on them for the full recipe!
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork
Homemade Lasagna
Turkey Chili and Cornbread Waffles

Here’s my Slow Cooker-Pinterest Board if you’d like to take a look!

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