Do you ever have those days where you are checking things off the list left and right??!! Doesn’t it make you feel so productive!!??

Well that was this Saturday for us!

Ty was hauling loads of Hay, Jer and Bryce were working together getting Dairy chores done. Madison and I were doing house chores, laundry and planting my Fall Mums I purchased a while back from the Amish auction.

My weekdays are so broken up from taking kids to school, leaving to pick up from school, leaving again to practice etc., it’s nice to just be home for a whole day.

One of the dairy chores I happened to spy while Maddy and I were planting flowers was Bryce loading Jer up with manure in the manure spreader.

The guys scrape the lot out every other day and then go and spread the manure out on the pasture for natural fertilizer. 

With Bryce being so busy with school, homework and football it’s nice to see him and his Dad work together again.

I know I might be a little bias but, isn’t he just the cutest little skid steer driver there is?!?! 

AND you can’t forget Batman!!!

This is how Maddy looked while helping Mommy plant and water flowers. Batman is a little lumpy because she had two sweatshirts tucked into the costume…it was our first chilly weekend in the low 50’s.

Can you tell she has an older brother???

After I finished enough of my house chores to feel accomplished, Maddy and I headed down to the bottom to start shredding weeds. 

Shredding is basically mowing…

But before we rode down on the quad I always stop and take in the view, it’s just amazing and to think how we ended up here…who would of thought 5 years ago I would be saying I love Missouri!

Another place I like to stop and take a picture is at the creek; I’ve been documenting this since June, just breath taking!

Inside the cab tractor selfie! 

Pasture finished…it looks like a freshly mowed lawn, nice and uniform!

After all that hard work and Madison having to be patient, her brother made her a warm cup of hot coco…what a sweetie he is…

As you can tell, she loved it and chugged it! You would’ve thought someone was going to take her cup coco away if she didn’t chug it?!?!

I hope you all have a great Monday, the start of a new and promising week!

Talk to ya soon,


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