Ever since Bryce was 3 or 4 years old he has loved to drive. His first driving experience was his little John Deere Gator Power-wheels, and man oh man did he drive those tires slick and I think both back tires actually cracked. He would follow me all over the dairy back in California, where ever I was at, and he carried around a tiny white crate full of little dye cast tractors. 

If I was working around the calf crates he would park his little powerwheels where ever I was and sit in the dirt (in the shade) and play with his little Cat Loaders, Bobcats, Skiploaders you name it.

NOW to see him drive a real full sized bobcat puts a huge smile on my face and I just sit and look at him and remember when he was just my little guy playing in the dirt next to me while I fed calves, he’s such a good boy! 

I’ll tell yah…I think Bryce drives better than the guys!

He’s very cautious, meticulous and drives safe and I couldn’t be prouder… 

Here we were bringing a line of cement feed troughs out into the back pasture behind the loafing barn to make more room in the feed bunk area. 

Bryce hauled all the cement troughs and started lining them up.

Jarret was checking for them to be all nice and straight so when the feed tractor comes and puts feed in the troughs in the morning, the tractor just has to keep a straight line.

I think Bryce did such a good job and I know as Bryce gets older he is going to be a huge asset to his Dad, Uncle Ty and Grandpa!

p.s. It’s COLD outside!!!


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