Hi Guys! 

I am back from our little trip to California to visit family, trick or treat with the cousins and attend my niece Holly’s 1st birthday.  Boy did we pack a lot in a short amount of time! The kids and I loved being back in California, this was our first time back since we moved 5-6 months ago. The kiddos were in need of visiting their cousins and seeing both Grandma and Grandpas.

On the way out I contemplated vlogging my trip to Cali. but while on the plane decided to just put the camera down and take it all in with my eyes and not the lens, because we won’t be back for a while.

So the trip started out and continued to go just how I imagined, kids playing with their cousins, grandparents having huge smiles on their faces watching the kids play, spending time and seeing my grandparents…as you can see it was a trip for family time.

Since the kiddos were little they’ve always trick or treated together and the tradition was able to live on this year too, it worked out because Holly’s bday is November 1st.

We made it for Halloween and a first birthday!

Holly and Madison loved drinking their juicy together, those girls both love their sippy cups and beverages! That’s a Mehaffey girl for ya!!! 🙂

One of the other more important things we did was visit some local hangouts we don’t have here in Missouri like a local donut shop. We do have a donut shop over 30 minutes away but this one is right down the street from my parent’s house.

And across the shopping center is my favorite coffee shop, It’s a Grind, they make the best blended drinks!

A visit to Cali would not be complete if we didn’t visit In-n-Out, this was Bryce’s request!

As you can see we didn’t go hungry by any means, haha!

While in Cali the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and it felt good on our skin; except I never realized how dry it was!

Besides seeing all the smiling faces, one of my favorite moments was when Holly fell asleep on me while everyone was prepping for her party. My duty was to take care of Holly and it was my pleasure!

I could of sat like that forever…she is the sweetest-craziest-cutest little thing and I can’t believe she is already one, AND the next time I see her she will be a big sister! 


The next morning it was time for us to pack up and home on the 8:30 flight to Texas and then to Missouri!

The nice gentleman across the way was kind enough to snap a picture for me before we took off. I only have one and Maddy was closing her eyes…eh, I tried!

So now for the 180° turn I never saw coming…dun, dun, dunnnnnn!

( I am going to be short and vague, because I have already spent too much of my energy on this!)

  • Showed up to Dallas, sat on tarmac for 20 minutes!
  • Ran off plane with kids all the way to another terminal!
  • Rude Lady closed the door while we were running toward our gate!
  • Announced we’re here for our flight, she said, “Sorry you’re too late!”
  • Had to wait at the airport for 7 HOURS WITH TWO KIDS TO CATCH A FLIGHT HOME!
  • Finally got home after 10p.m. and felt like I had been hit by a freight train.
  • ONE of the worst experiences in my life!!!

I am not flying by myself with the two kids for a while!!! Worst experience ever!

Ok, rant is over…on to bigger and better things.

xoxo from the mom constantly behind the eight ball right now,


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