Friday night the kids, Mahalia and I went to their school’s Harvest Festival to support the PTO. It was hosted at the Middle school/High school cafeteria and middle school class rooms. Each classroom on one side of the hallway was set up with 2 games or fun things to do. The kids had a blast and it was fun seeing Bryce run around with his friend and everyone saying hi to Misses Maddy!

The highlight of Madison’s night was probably when she had a Minion painted on her face!

As you can see the happiness in her eyes…then she proceeded to speak Minion for the next few minutes, lol!

This was the only picture I got of Bryce the whole night, playing bingo with his buds! Otherwise it was him running up to me for more tickets…I guess he’s getting older…

Madison loved all the games! Here she played ping-pong toss and the teacher running the station was her speech therapist, she was so happy Madison came to the festival.

Then ring toss on the pumpkins!

AND THEN she played “the cake walk” while they played Taylor Swift and once the music stopped, you had to stand on a number and if they called your number out you won!

I am so glad I took the kids out to their school’s harvest festival, the kids had fun, it raised money for the elementary p.t.o. and I loved seeing the kids interact with their peers. 

All in all, it was a perfect Friday night!


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