I know, I know, I know…I have been absent from here A LOT recently! 

Not my intention at all. The blog, blogging, vlogging has been on my mind everyday, but for some reason I am barely holding my head above water in the day-to-day chore and tasks department. I feel really bad and I even catch myself thinking in blog format, like what my post would be about or how I would format the paragraph. I’ve been blogging for so long it’s like second nature. Next week I am going to try and go somewhere that has wifi and write a couple of posts so I don’t see all the looming house work that waits for me!!! Oh and I’ve started working out again at our local Y.M.C.A, love it!

Okay enough about me and my excuses, lol!


Since we’ve moved to Missouri I’ve noticed a big change in Bryce and Madison’s relationship. Besides being siblings and always stuck with each other no matter what…I’ve noticed a friendship forming between these two.

Maybe because when we moved in the beginning of summer, they were all each other had until school started? 

Or Madison maturing into a school age girl. For along time it was like I almost had two only children. Madison was so little for so long and so delayed. Bryce just kept getting older, growing and maturing leaps n’ bounds, and the gap between them seemed so far apart. 

This year or rather this summer, the gap between them has closed so much that their is a bond and a friendship growing between them.

They play together, Bryce is teaching her about his toys and the other morning I came into his room while he was trying to teach Madison how to play Skylanders on his xbox. 

I love to see so much bonding happening between Bryce and Madison and more importantly a friendship developing that is so cute. 

Madison looks at Bryce with stars in her eyes and Bryce is so protective and is really starting to understand how to react and engage with her without any meltdowns happening!

Anyone with special needs kids would understand that, few!!!


I am so glad I carved out the time to write this blog post…the dishes in the sink can wait and dirty clothes thrown across the couch from kids getting dressed this morning can find their way to the hamper later.

Talk to yah soon…hopefully not 9 days from now like last time!


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