Howdy, howdy!!!

A whole bunch of documenting has been going on these last few days…and if you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel you can click the link here and hit subscribe…now you won’t miss a thing!!!

We have been up to a whole bunch of somethin and whole bunch of nothin. My usual chores take up a huge chunk of the day, the kids are relaxing, watching movies…staying warm and you’ve all probably seen on the news the crazy weather Missouri has been having!!!

Yeah, it rained for like 3 days straight, which caused mass flooding! Luckily we are not in any low lying areas so we were safe, except our creek turned into a raging river in one of the back pastures.

This isn’t one of the best pictures, but it shows you just how much water is running behind them and on both sides! 

It also was starting to snow too!

One of my big projects I was tackling this week was cleaning out the calves crates and bedding them down with shavings!

The next few nights were going to be in the low 20’s, so I wanted to make sure the little ones has something to cozy up to.

As soon as I cleaned out each calf crates, sprinkled them with lime and added a half bag of shavings, it was lights out!

Right after the kids and I snapped this picture is started coming down with snow! 

The next day I wanted to make sure I got the kids out of the house and let them see light, haha! It’s been pretty grey here lately from all the storms and they had cash and giftcards burning holes in their pockets!

First and only stop in town was Target where we at Pizza, Pasta, slurped on slushies and used the free wifi to download a movie, LOL! You know, when you have fast internet somewhere you have to take advantage of it…oh yeah and we video called my niece Holly to say hi!

You guessed it, Bryce used his money to buy another Nerf gun to add to his collection! His collection is huge, I will try and get him to make a video showing you all his stash.

And Jerry got a new pair of quilted coveralls…everyone is H-A-P-P-Y…for today, haha! 🙂

Below are three separate videos from the last few days! Today I am not vlogging because Momma needs a day off, hah, and I really wasn’t doing anything exciting. Well, most days I’m not doing anything exiting but today was extra boring.

Watch them on your own time or binge watch them all at once…I am making a conscious effort not to make the videos over 10 minutes. To make them less than 10 minutes is hard because think about it, my day starts at 4:30a.m. and ends around 9:30p.m. so to condense that into less than 10 mintues…yeah…you get it 🙂 

Happy watching and I hope you enjoy seeing a little peek into my day!


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