For the past couple of weeks Bryce has been practicing with our town’s 3-4th grade basketball team! Bryce has never played basketball before and really has never showed any interest in the sport. In So. Cal basketball really isn’t that big at their age…I would say more soccer, baseball or football. Here in the Midwest basketball is HUGE, it seems like everyone plays basketball!

After talking with Jarret, we both made the decision to sign him up anyway…even when he showed a little resistance towards us about making the decision for him. I told Bryce you need to try it, it’s ok to do something you’re not sure of and learn as you go and it’s OKAY to be scared!

The underlying lesson I wanted him to learn was when you put yourself in a vulnerable situation and you are learning and realizing that it’s not that bad or actually begin to love the sport, he won’t shy away from putting himself in those type of situations in the future. Maybe for a different sport or clubs in school or in class…


Enough about the boring lesson right…?!? 

So I have been sick with a head cold for the last few days and Bryce’s game was last night, so I stayed home with Madison and Jarret took him to his first game and I lived it through pics and updates, haha!

This was Jer’s first time seeing Bryce do anything basketball related, usually he is milking and Madison and I are the ones dropping him off and picking him up from practice. 

Although they lost 20-0, Jer was so proud seeing Bryce out there!

Although Bryce has only been on the basketball court a handful of times, Jer and I can both see this confidence growing inside him that makes us so happy!

Jarret took this picture of Bryce getting to throw the ball in and he wasn’t sure about what to do, but Jer said the ref. was super nice, explained to Bryce what to do and the game went on so to speak.

Now Bryce has another game today, Madison and I will both be there and Jer to cheer him on. I will be sure to take more pics and continue to share his journey of basketball. 🙂

Little Parenting Lesson 101: It’s good to push your kids outside of their comfort zone, when you know as a parent, it will help them in the long run and build confidence.

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