Well hello everyone!

For the last couple of days I have been vlogging and blogging. If you are not sure what the difference is let me explain…vlogging in simple terms is sharing through video and blogging is sharing through writing. Now I hope that helps you understand a little more of what the difference is between those two terms

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So starting with Christmas eve, we had a blast getting ready for Santa…nerves and emotions were running high in anticipation of the big guy coming down the chimney. And although is was Christmas Eve all the animals still have to be fed!!!

Here Bryce was sitting on the back of the gator holding onto the wagon handle pulling his sister along, while Uncle Ty was driving. 

Maddie also got a cozy little quilt that my Grammy Angie made her…we all call them fever blankets because it’s the perfect style blanket to cozy up with when you aren’t feeling too well. Madison was feeling fine though if you think she might be sick, she just didn’t have one yet! Wait…I take that back, she had a tiny one made for her that would fit over her car seat when she was little.

Then the cutest picture came across the phone of Misses Holly B visiting Santa for the first time!

Santa Came!!!

While I was throwing a load of laundry in, I had just missed Santa leaving presents for the kiddos 😉

Oh well, maybe next year I’ll catch him… 


Christmas Day, Oh-Christmas Day…you go bye so faaaaasttt!!!

All the prep and shopping and poof the day is over and you are left with a living room full of mass destruction, haha! Where’s my elves at to help with the pick up??!

Santa brought Maddie a kitchen!

And Brycee an XBOX ONE! 

Did anyone notice the Christmas super moon…it was huge!?!!

Christmas destruction!!!

Rock’em, Sock’em!!!

And of course a day wouldn’t be rounding out if we weren’t feeding calves!!!

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See you tomorrow,


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