“Rose Colored Glasses”…by definition it means, to look at something more pleasantly than it really is.

Do I agree with that…yes, absolutely! 

But does that phrase give you the impression that the person looking through the “rose colored glasses” isn’t in touch with reality…possibly?!??


Has the person been put in enough bad situations to be able to remove themselves and still see the beauty in the simple things…like the rose painted skies in the early mornings…? 

It amazing how one morning’s sky is blue and the next morning it looks like the sky has been painted.

I love a good sunrise…for me it gives hope and optimism for the day to come. It amazes me how many people are not up early enough in the morning to see their sunrise!

I am sure if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know this is our old, old calf barn. Which was once home to the original milk barn. Now it produces and churns out calves! 

This barn is the perfect example of looking at something with “rose colored glasses”. When you look at it its old, the wood is old, the calf crates are old, there’s junk in the rafters…it’s missing a door. BUT it is home to a successful calf operation that sold a handful of bulls, which generated cash for the dairy! Now does it look more pleasant…

So today I am challenging you to look at something with “rose colored glasses”, have some optimism, challenge yourself…you might be surprised!


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