Yesterday Madison and I had a small dose of “special-time”!

“Special-time” is when I only have one of them and we spend, basically one-on-one time together. Bryce and I have called it special time since he was little and he has had a lot of special time with me since he was the only one for a while. Now he like to have “special-time” with his Dad, but they call it “special-bro-time”…since “special-time” isn’t masculine enough! It’s ok…I will still call Bryce and I’s “special-time”, “special-time” because he is my baby and I have to hold onto that until he is a big guy and doesn’t want to have “special-time” anymore, ha! (Can you tell the pull of him getting older is tough on me…:))

On to Madison and I’s “special-time”…yesterday I had to take my car to get it’s 30,000 mile service, you know the big service where they change all the filters out and rotate the tires, yah-that was this one! Although we didn’t do anything particularly special together, we spent one-on-one time together, so that to me quantifies it as “special-time” since I always have both of them.

After waiting at the dealership for the car to get serviced, we had to go to the mall and take Jarret’s glasses to get fixed. Since the glasses place said it would take about 15 minutes, Madison and I walked directly across the way to Sbux!

Sbux back in the day use to be a regular occurrence, now it’s a treat because we don’t have a specialty coffee shop conveniently around.  

Since it was now mid-morning, Madison wanted a snack and right at arms reach for a kid is a refrigerator case of fruit-squeezies and chocolate milk or apple juice (well played sbux-well played…)!

Right before we went to check out, Madison switched up her drink order from cold chocolate milk to a kid’s hot chocolate. She said, “Mommy drinks hot coffee, and Maddie drinks hot cocoa!” 

And there it be…Maddie and her hot cocoa!

She also told me she doesn’t drink hot milk…she drinks warm milk!

She was so proud of her little red cup! 

Mommy was proud of her grande red cup filled with a handcrafted chestnut praline and an add shot too…aaahhhhhh, so good!

I loved having a little “special-time” with Maddie, now next time I will have to have a little “special-time” with my big Brycee-Boy!

Have a great Day and only 2 more days til Christmas….WHAT!!!

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