Saturday started out a little rough…

I woke up early as always, attempted to start a new blog post, had an impromptu work meeting with my Dad, made breakfast, got ready, a quick clean up of the house (never ending), throw in a load of laundry (never ending, lol), cleaned out 3 calf crates to put 3 new babies in and vacuumed out my car. 

You’ll be surprised how much you find when you do a good vacuuming of your car!

So while I was vacuuming and feeling a little down in the dumps, I found one of my favorite pictures of my niece Holly under the back seat, which I thought I lost btw, and it put a big smile on my face. I love that girl…can’t wait to go see her again and meet her new baby brother (coming early April)!!!

Then while vacuuming my Dad called and asked if the kids and I wanted to go visit him at the ranch while he was hauling hay…initially I told him no because I wanted to finish cleaning the inside of my car (lord knows what you may find in there?!?).

Finally I decided I needed a change of scenery, loaded the kids up and headed for wide open spaces…  

Getting a change of scenery can really change your perspective on things. 

This is what the ranch does for me…I love it out there…wide open spaces, room to think and everything makes better sense.

The ranch renews my faith.

It’s nice to see my Dad here on the ranch…something my Dad and Mom have worked so hard for, and so have all of us!

My Dad headed back for the dairy and the kids and I decided to stay and explore.

Of course we went to the pond…which is in the faaaaarrr back pasture.

Luckily the ground has firmed up that my car was able to make it out there!

The pond had a thin layer of ice on the top. 

Bryce and Madison kept themselves busy throwing little rocks and sticks in the pond, and listening to the ice shatter!

The sun was really starting to set, so the kids and I packed up and decided to head back home since it’s a little bit of a put.

As I was driving out the gates, I saw a whole bunch on little calves playing, drinking, and eating around the stream on the other side of the road (which is still part of the property). 

I love beef calves!

One of these days I will have beef calves on this side of the property too!

Next time when you are feeling overwhelmed with l-i-f-e, take a little drive…get a change of scenery, it will make a huge difference and everything-all-of-a-sudden seems clearer. 


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