I am so excited this year for my lifestyle goals I’ve made for myself; which tells me, I think they’ll be a success and they will stay around! If you don’t know what type of goals I made you can check them out HERE.

One of the areas I have to really work at is after dinner. The time where the kids are on the let down and there is about an hour until Maddie’s bedtime and both Bryce and Maddie want to be cozy on the couch and watch some tv. Usually I would keep myself pretty busy (not purposefully) with laundry, chores, sit at the computer etc. and now I make a conscious effort to go and sit with them under their respective blankies, which they are both very territorial over I might add, and we watch a show together that we recorded or Maddie and I look at a book while Bryce watches one of his programs. 

One of my other school week goals that I didn’t talk about at all because it’s not anything new is to try and have the majority of dinner prepped before I pick up the kiddos from school. Because after I pick them up from school the rest of the day is a slippery slope of homework, calf feeding, dinner, three day a week basketball practice or game, bedtime routines and as soon as you know it the day has ended. So if I have the main course prepped in the crockpot, oven or all ready done, that frees up a huge chunk of my afternoon when they are home from school.

One of the things that helps me take the guess work out of weeknight cooking is planning our meals out for the week. Now I don’t hold it to whatever I wrote out for Wednesday can only be cooked and ate for Wednesday’s dinner… I mostly use it as an outline and it helps me stay on point with grocery shopping for the week etc.

You can find really cute (free) weeknight meal planning templates on Pinterest, just type it in the search and bam…you are on your way! 

During the week I cook about 6 out of the 7 days which saves money and I also want to make sure the kids are eating good. I also try and cook things I know they will eat because they need the fuel for the long school week and busy days.

This weeks highlighted meal I’m sharing is meatloaf, not my own recipe or a recipe I’ve tried before, a NEW ONE and oh was it GOOD!!! Meatloaf is the perfect main course to prep and pop in the oven before you leave to pick up the kids or you are waiting for them to hop off the bus. Now all you have left to do is prep the sides!?!

Here’s the recipe I used. ( I used only ground beef 90/10, not the 3 meat mixture)

Both Bryce and Maddie gave it a thumbs up and had to share how strong it was making her and of course my funny man had to be silly!

This recipe will definitely be reoccurring during the school week or weeknights for that matter so easy and delicious!!!

Another thing I do during dinner time, when we are sitting at the table, is ask each one of them what was the best thing that happened today in school and what was the thing was wasn’t so great…

What made you happy and excited at school today?


What made you mad, sad or hurt your feelings? 

It’s a great way to check in with your kids on their day at school because if I don’t open that dialogue up with Bryce then he most of the time doesn’t outwardly share what might have made him happy or sad and it’s cute to hear what Maddie has to say!

If you’d like to watch my 2016 goals video you can check it out below.

If you’re a Mom, try and carve out a little time for your kids and plan your meals out for the week…it’s one less thing we have to think about! 🙂


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