This past weekend was C-O-L-D, COLD!!!

For these California transplants these were our first coldest days here. One of the days the low was 8 degrees…burrrrr, that’s when you want to just stay inside on the couch hiding under a blanket watching movies with the kids all day!?! (huh, anybody…)

Since it was pretty chilly outside we had to make sure all the calves had somewhere soft & warm to lay and the newborn calves could be in the “heater-box” to help the little ones dry off and heat up. 

We as a team accomplished a ton of different things over the weekend, let me start by telling you what went on…

On Friday Jarret and I both had so much things to check off the list both separately and together, but one thing grounded us and took up a big chunk of time…broken water pipe!!!

Let me tell you, it is not too fun changing a water pipe when it is freeeeeeeezing outside, ha! 

So of course we didn’t have the right size coupler we needed that was a 3/4 inch female slip to a female theaded, so there I went down to our local hardware store and bought a few for backup, lol!

Now that project was complete for Friday and everyone was fine…just not the laundry that’s piling up, in other news…

Saturday came and we had to build another makeshift heater-box/heater-shed because this one has the front open kind of like a stall style. This particular one is for calves that are not newborn and don’t necessarily need to be in the box, but still the the extra warmth from the heat lamp. 

While I was busy cutting wood for the project, Madison was playing Doc McStuffins Pet Vet with Charlie, she said he was her first patient!

This is what the “heater-shed” looks like, it not too pretty BUT it’s functional and gets the job done without having to go out and by new wood and supplies. 

Whenever I’m building stuff for the calf program, I always try and use materials we have on the dairy or in the scrap wood pile. This sheet of ply wood was from the 80’s, the original owner used it to block wind off the cows while they were standing in the wash pen waiting to be milked. 

Now Sunday was CCCCCCOOOOOLLLLLDDDD this right here the temperature was like 13°F, We were going down to the bottom pasture to collect our dry cows and bring them closer the dairy so we could keep a better eye on them. 

One of Bryce’s comments was, “Why does it get so cold here!!?!”

Later in the day I ran to our little local grocery store to get a few things I needed and Bryce pulled his tooth out!!! Never a dull moment, it was his first little molar he had lost and he was so excited that he started taking a whole bunch of selfies of him and his tooth! LOL, that’s my Brycee-Boy…

So to say the weekend was relaxing, not too much, but we did accomplish quite a few things that needed to be done, now…about that laundry….


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