Every year I love to make goals over every aspect of my life and of course I used to make those cliche goals of being more organized and wanting to eat healthier, blah-blah-blah and of course about a month into it, it all falls by the wayside! Am I right?

Some of my goals would be…I want to take more pictures…I want to have a clean kitchen everyday, yeah right, and you know life happens and life doesn’t always workout like you plan!

So this year is the year of simple, just a few new goals to start incorporating in my life.  

Now let me first disclaim that I still make goals through out the year for other areas of my life with finances, health, business etc. but those are things that have already been in place and get changed here and there depending on what’s going on. These are more set goals…

Back to my goals for the year of 2016 and beyond!

*My goal is to slow down and be more present when the kids are home or awake, now I can run around like a bat out of hell when they are in school, but when they are home or awake I want to be in the moment and not on my phone or computer.

*I want to continue to make our new house (or new to us) a home and make it more conducive to our lifestyle.

*On the weekends I am going to unplug from social media!

*Last but not least, set boundaries for work, because the dairy industry is 365 days a year.

-I will explain all of them a little more in detail below.

My goals seem pretty simple right, I have the rest of my life to hustle-hustle, but right now my kiddos need me more and that is what’s important to me over everything else. 

Of course Jarret and I both have a lot of different responsibilities that have to be done everyday, and I will make sure the important things I have to do everyday get done and one of those things on the list is spending quality time with my kids!

So maybe everyone is running low on “clean” clothes, but they will always have clean clothes to wear…maybe not a whole dresser full, lol!

My next goal was to continue to make our house a home. We live in an older ranch home on the property…it needs work, it needs updating, but the important thing for me is to make it feel like a home to them over anything else.

Unplugging from social media on the weekends. During the week I was listening to a podcast and the guest that was being interviewed was a mom blogger I follow and is real big on social media, one of her new years resolutions is to unplug from her instagram acct by signing off or even going as far as deleting the app from her phone! As much as I L-O-V-E instagram, I thought that was such a good idea and I will be adopting that trend too…signing off of insta for the weekend. 

We as a society are so consumed over what others are doing that we forget what is going on right in front of us.

Now this doesn’t mean I won’t be posting a blog post over weekends, I work on these in the morning while the kids are sleeping or responding to an email or taking pictures to maybe share during the week or choosing to make a video. It just means I am not going to be checking on what others are doing or posting what I’m doing during the day.

Lastly, setting boundaries, what does that mean. Our lives are in an industry that works everyday, 365 days a year and can consume every last ounce of your being if you let it…and I’m not going to let it.

Like I said earlier, this doesn’t mean I am not focused on the dairy, my calf program or dairy office responsibilities this just means I’m setting boundaries so it doesn’t consume my whole day. Example Monday-Wednesday-Friday I go to the gym in the morning after school drop off, checking out for an hour isn’t going to hurt anything. But when I come home I change out of my workout clothes and into my work clothes and get to tackling the most important things on the list and everything else will have to wait if I can’t get to it. You have to set boundaries!

These are my life goals/lifestyle changes I will be making and implementing in 2016 to have an awesome and amazing year no matter how hard life gets sometimes. 

My motto last year and this year is “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….” -Finding Nemo

I hope everyone has an awesome 2016 and I would love to hear some of your goals!


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