Happy New Year!!!

Wow 2016…how did we get here already? I know this is totally cliche but time surely flew by!

To say we had little changes in 2015 and that it was smooth sailing is a H-U-G-E understatement! The big three that stuck out to me the most were Madison getting sick (life changing), selling our first home and moving across the country to Missouri and starting/establishing our life out here; with very little family support!

2015 was the year we made some big changes, shifted our thinking and the way we live our lives. And it has been one of the best decisions to date!!!

One of the best new ways of life is the nature that is all around us.

When life gets to crazy or I’m feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, I love to retreat to the remote part of the properties and enjoy our surroundings right in our own backyard!

This spot in the winter and in the summer is magical. To be around the pond and the trees reminds us of being somewhere in the Sierra Mountains were we spent so much of our childhood vacations.

Bryce was with his Uncle and Dad hauling hay, so Madison and I bundled up and headed down for some adventuring and enjoying the sunshine! These California girls can’t get enough of the sunshine…

On a clear day and the trees with no leaves you can see the horse barn across the pastures…see it way over there through the trees-straight ahead?!?

One of the kids and I’s favorite thing to do is walk around the perimeter of the pond and throw rocks, look for cool sticks or look for frogs…and low and behold, we found a giant frog sitting in the water where the sun was shining.

We poked it with a stick to make sure it was alive and it was, then proceeded to slowly swim away!

Madison was having the best time exploring!

Harley stayed right by her where ever she went…he’s such a good dog!

One of my favorite things about 2016 is seeing this little cutie in her quilted Carhartt overalls. She is the cutest, those were actually Bryce’s when he was little, I think my Dad bought those for him one of the times going to Utah.

Another one of my favorite things for 2016 is this Big-Guy below and his love for Nerf Guns!

He knows so much about all the different guns out there and loves to have Nerf Wars with his Mommy!

This year will also mark 10 years old for him…time please slow down this year, I am not ready for him to get any bigger!


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Today I’m going to be soaking up the last day of Winter vacation with the kiddos!

Have a Great Day, 


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