Snow days!!!

This is our first ever official set of snow days for us Californians! Today will mark the third day in a row…third day….(help me!)…no really, with all honesty I love having them home and since today is Friday and we know for sure we don’t have school tomorrow, I told them we would bake some cookies or maybe go get some ice cream. Yes, I said ice cream when it’s 20° outside…we LOVE ice cream no matter what the temp is, as long as we aren’t eating the ice cream outside then we are all good!

Bryce also has a basketball game tonight and for all known reasons I believe the game is still on for now…I’m still waiting to hear otherwise.

Yesterday in between chores and house work I would take Maddie outside and Bryce and I would take turns pulling her on the sled around the dairy.

Oh she loved it!

Maddie was perfectly content sitting, then laying down in the sled, then laying on her belly, then sitting, haha! When she would lay on her belly she said she was like an Alligator, lol!!!

Brycee enjoyed pulling his r.c. car around, since the battery died, he pulled it by a string and thought this snow thing was the best thing ever!

These pictures with him and his truck make me remember that he is still just a boy, even though he wants to have privileges like a teenager…

This was my favorite picture of him…just a boy and his truck!

Now it was Brycee’s turn to pull the princess in her chariot.

Bryce was helping Mommy by keeping her busy in the sled, while I was feeding calves.

And it wouldn’t be a snow day without a snow angel!!!

Here’s to another snow day, enjoying the time I have with the kids at home and living in the moment!

…as hard as that living in the moment thing is.

…that is why it is a goal for me this year! 🙂


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