Cash Envelope System- Budgeting has always been something I’ve loved to do, call it the type A in me or the organization I love and crave. Budgeting your money and knowing where your money is being allocated is good practice and basically organization at one of its finest points!

Now I am sure you have heard of a cash envelope system. You get a little check size envelope and right summer vacation or Christmas 2016 and you deposit a certain amount of money in there every time you get paid or once a month etc. That is a way to allocate and save money towards a specific goal. Now this kind of cash envelope system is constantly getting money put in and taken out.

THIS Cash Envelope System is to help you stay on budget with what you usually spend your money on. This is visual. This is where you visually see your money going down, instead of just whipping the card out and swiping. When you actually have the money in hand, I find you’re a little more cautious of how much you are spending.

cash envelop system - budgeting

So for me I set up where I spend my money other than “bills”, that includes groceries, Target, Dining, Entertainment, use to be Starbucks and misc.

Now if you are new to the cash in and out system and you are not sure how much to put in each category, look at what you spent in those categories the month before. Total them up and see if you are ok with spending “x” amount of money on Dining or do you want to spend less and you can play with your figures every month. Just because you put $100 dollars in dining one month doesn’t mean you have to put that in every month or spend it all too.

Some months you may have carry over in the grocery category! Lets say you put $250 in groceries and you only spent $200 of it, so now you have $50 to carry over into next time. This time you can either choose to put in another $250 and have $300 to spend on grocery or take the $50 out of the $250 and now only had to put in $200 and you saved yourself $50, you get me??! You feelin me…!

You can really work and utilize this system in many ways, it can help you stay on point with your budget, you can really track your spending habits or it can help you save money towards a bigger goal by not over spending. All three are kind of the same thing right, you are visually holding yourself accountable.

Now you can work it as hard or as loose as you want, it’s up to you and your money goals!

cash envelop system - budgeting

Now the second thing is this cute little money envelope with custom dividers, hello!!! I mean if you pull out your white envelope at the store with it labeled groceries, more power to ya.

But a cute little, handmade one with a fun print makes budgeting a little more exciting!!! Nerd alert right, it’s okay I wave the nerd flag proudly, nerds are cool!

I purchased this zippered cash envelope system off of Etsy from a shop called A time for Everything, for $19. I really love it, it has stood the test of time in my purse and has a clear coating on the outside where you can just wipe it off if need be.

I really ENCOURAGE you to check out her shop, here is the direct link!

Now if the “themed” envelope isn’t for you and you want to continue to use the white envelopes, I’ll still love you because you are still budgeting!

I hope you enjoyed me sharing something I love to use in my day to day life and I plan and sharing a lot more like this!

Talk to ya soon,

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