This past week my Tia Rocky was here from California and oh does she know how to help lighten my load…it was like I was on vacation!!?! You have to understand, I’ve been a lone wolf out here, with no sorta break for at least 3 months and it was so nice to have her clean the house for me! There is something about your house getting sparkly clean and you didn’t have to do it makes everything better, haha!!! 

Now to be fair, I have had relatives visit and help wash dishes and Mom too but, it had been so long it was nice to have a break. 

Now you can see that my love language is acts of service, doing things for me to help my life and make it easier…I’ll love-ya-forever!!!

And then Saturday came and everybody, my help and support staff went back to Cali, back to the real world, haha!

BUT Saturday actually turned out to be a really awesome day!!!

If you’ve read my Goals for 2016 (if you haven’t click here) you’ll know that I’m really pulling back to be more present for the kids, lightening my load where I can and being there where they need me and encouraging them. 

Unfortunately my posting schedule has been much lighter due to spending less time in front of the computer but my goal is to put out more quality work over quantity and that is just going to have to be because my kiddos and family need me!

So we all know Bryce is new to basketball, he just started practicing in late November and when I say never played basketball before I mean really never played even at home or at school. The game of basketball was new to him and scary and he was nervous, embarrassed, vulnerable all those things but boy-oh-boy has be come along way!!!

Bryce’s love language is quality time or we like to call “special-time” and words of affirmation or encouragement. With him learning and playing a new sport the words of encouragement and affirmations have really helped him gain the confidence he needed to feel comfortable and overcome all the scary things about putting yourself out there. We have really seen tremendous growth in him and this confidence has even transcended into his school work!!! 

This past Saturday was a big day for him because…

He made his first basket during the game and I couldn’t of been more proud of him!!!

He has attempted a shot or two before but they never seemed to make it in…

Well this weekend the ball went in and he was so proud of himself!!!

A few games before he told me he was scared to shoot the basketball during the game because what if it doesn’t go in?!??

And my respond to him was, what if it does go in…you’ll never know unless you try!

After the game we were walking back to the car and he turned to me and said, ” I guess all that practicing is actually paying off…!” 

My response, ” You are absolutely right, the more you practice, the more natural it will become!”


The moral of my post is to encourage your kids to do something they are not sure of, you know they would like it or they really want to but, they just need that positive nudge in the right direction to help them overcome those scary hurdles because it will ultimately help them throughout life!!! 

I encourage all Moms and Dads to learn their child’s love language. You can get this easy reading book off of Amazon and it is called The 5 Love Languages of Children, by Chapman & Campbell. Here is the Amazon link! 

You can never show your child too much love or encouragement!


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