The weather this weekend was beautiful!

The sun was shining, the temps (with wind chill) were probably in the high 60s and we enjoyed the outdoor play. This weekend was the weekend for sandboxes I guess, my niece Holly just got a huge sandbox her Daddy built her, Maddie was playing in the sandbox at our neighbor’s little girl’s birthday party and we bought sand for Maddie’s sand table. Let me just say, there was quite-a-bit of sand in Madison’s hair come Sunday evening!

Sunday was very windy, which meant a lot of passing clouds, and I am actually surprised it didn’t bring some type of rain storm with it. I have learned here in Missouri that the weather changes on you in the drop of a hat and I’m starting to figure that out, haha. 

When early Sunday evening rolled around, I decided to take my Mom on a Gator ride to the top pasture were the bulls were grazing.

It is so beautiful up there and just the way the sun was sending it’s rays through the clouds was just breath taking. It’s one of those times where you take a deep breath, get a little perspective, thank God for where you are at, take in all of our accomplishments and also give you that little push of momentum that you need at the beginning of the week to push harder than you did the last. 

Of course our dogs Harley and Tuff followed me up here to the top pasture, they are always ready to go on adventures. Harley is a good dog, although we had a recent scare with him, he is back to his normal self and is doing great!

The dogs always put themselves between the cows and us to protect us…especially with these 10 teenage, rambunctious bulls!  

Now it was time to head back home and the dogs went back to work, keeping the bulls away while we headed down to the pond so the doggies could get a little drink.

Remember to take some time to reflect on how far you have come, big or small, self reflection is important.


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