One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to go exploring. When the weather permits, it mostly consists of nature walks or in the summer when it’s too hot we may take the four wheelers instead. I love getting the kids outside, we are all unplugged from electronics (I have my camera of course), enjoying nature and taking in some much needed sunshine!

We always try and start the walk with some sort of theme, or what we are hunting for. Ultimately we always end up at the pond, throwing rocks and walking the perimeter looking for frogs!  This specific walk we went on we were focusing on all the different style rocks we saw. 

Reminds me back in Bryce and I’s homeschool days, when we would take learning outside!

Since we were focusing on rocks and looking at the different textures, Maddie picked a magnifying glass to bring, smart girl, and Bryce decided to bring one of his play guns from his Nerf collection, I don’t know why he thought that would help but…boys will be boys!

This is one of my favorite ways I spend “special-time” with both of them together. While we are walking I’m always asking them questions or pointing out things to notice or look at. On the way to the pond we have to cross the creek, sometimes it’s dry and sometimes it still has a little water in it. BUT if the creek is roaring we do not even attempt a nature walk down there, which also means that it must have been raining.

Around our pond we have a picnic table to drop our things at, catch our breath or have some snacks. I try to take a moment to take in the beauty that surrounds me and quiet sounds of nature of listen to the wind whistling through the trees. Then that few seconds is over because they are ready to start throwing rocks, sticks and looking for little trails the cows created.

The best thing about this is it’s free, we are in nature, unplugged and they are getting exercise from all the walking!!!

As a Mom of two, Bryce being 9 and Maddie being 5, it’s hard to find one thing that I can do with them to spend quality time where they are both happy, no fighting and everyone is having fun. For us, that’s going on a nature/adventure walk and the best thing about this one is it’s in our own backyard!

Now my challenge for any parents out there is to try and find some sort of quality time to spend with your kids that doesn’t involve going to a store and buying them something! Some type of thing that doesn’t cost a lot, maybe going to the park and having a picnic or a family bike ride, that’s always fun!

Let me know what you did in the comments below or on instagram @therealmehaffeymoments

If you want to see more from this day watch the video below!

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